Cathy Cao, Acupuncturist

Cathy CaoCathy Cao is a registered acupuncturist in British Columbia. She graduated from one of the top traditional Chinese medicine universities in Shanghai, China after a 5 years program in 1992. She has been practised acupuncture for 20 years in China and Canada.

She specializes in:
• Pain Management: neck pain, back pain, sciatica, knee pain, shoulder pain, frozen shoulder, migraines and headaches

• Woman’s Health:
o Female Hormone balancing: Menstrual Cramps, irregular menstruation, fertility, menopause syndrome
o Support IUI, IVF
• Stress Management: Depression, stress, insomnia, chronic fatigue, panic attack, Irritable bowel syndrome, addictions
• Body Tune Up, and Wellness treatments

She is looking forward to working with the team at Peak Valley Active Health support your health care goals.

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For more information about Cathy and her services, please visit her website: Better Care Acupuncture