Dr. Ryan Kegler

imageDr. Ryan Kegler is a fully licensed Doctor of Chiropractic. Like his sister, Dr. Ryan was born in Saskatchewan and raised right here in Langley, BC. He attended SFU receiving his BSc with honours and followed that up receiving his doctor of Chiropractic degree from CMCC in Toronto.

 Dr. Ryan realized the benefits of chiropractic treatment while younger and active in sports and the bumps and bruises that come with it as well as the neck and back pain that comes from many hours of studying in student life. He played hockey while at SFU and continues to play today. He is happy to be back in Langley and looks forward to contributing his time and expertise to the community.

Dr. Ryan is committed to providing evidence informed chiropractic therapy to help his patients. He will work with patients to help identify the underlying cause of their condition, and to help provide strategies for effective treatment, understanding, and self-management. He is certified in Active Release Technique® and has training in manual therapy, instrument assisted techniques, rehabilitation and concussion management.

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