Joel Gomez, MPT

Joel GomezJoel received his Masters of Physiotherapy Degree from UBC and his BSc in Kinesiology from UVIC. His passion for physiotherapy began after enduring two consecutive ACL injuries while playing soccer in his senior year of high school. His dreams of playing university soccer almost disappeared until he was fortunate enough to have been cared for by a physiotherapist who not only rehabilitated him back to his baseline, but even helped to make him stronger than ever. Joel went on to play Varsity soccer, both with UBC and UVIC, and contributed to winning two CIS Soccer National Championships with each university.

Given Joel’s many great experiences working with physiotherapists, he also aspired to also help people recover from injuries that inhibit them from enjoying life. He has a passion for working with people from all different walks of life, including: amateur and professional athletes, the great weekend warriors, kids, and older adults wanting to improve their function. Joel also has great experience working with post-operative and individuals with injuries secondary to Motor Vehicle Accidents.

He believes that the best rehabilitation strategy is a hands-on approach, supplemented by targeted therapeutic exercises, and regular education to the client about the condition.

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