New Patients

Welcome to Peak Valley Active Health!

At Peak Valley Active Health we are always welcoming and accepting new patients. We are excited to be a part of your journey to achieving optimal health. We take pride if offering longer Chiropractic appointments to our patients to provide more attention and lasting results.

Please use the link below to download and fill out this form if you are a new patient to the clinic.

** New Patient Intake Form


 2018 FEES

Chiropractic Fees

Chiropractic Initial Visit $90.00
Chiropractic Subsequent Visit $55.00 (20 minutes)
Chiropractic Extended Visit $70.00
MSP Initial Visit $45.00
MSP Subsequent Visit $25.00

Physiotherapy Fees

Physiotherapy Initial Visit $80.00 (30 minutes)
Physiotherapy Subsequent Visit $80.00 (30 minutes)

Registered Massage Therapy Fees

RMT 30-minute Visit $65.00
RMT 45-minute Visit $85.00
RMT 60-minute Visit $110.00
RMT 90-minute Visit $165.00
* prices include GST

Acupuncture Fees

Acupuncture Initial Visit $100.00
Acupuncture Subsequent Visit $85.00
Cupping Treatment $20.00
Acupuncture Initial Fertility Visit $100.00
Acupuncture Subsequent Fertility Visit $85.00
MSP User Fee $45.00