Ergonomic/Workplace Assessments

Spending numerous hours a day sitting at a desk may create strain on your upper back, lower back, neck and shoulders. The effects of any treatment program are enhanced if your workplace environment is conducive to good posture and proper body mechanics.

Ergonomic assessments are beneficial following an injury as well as in the prevention of injuries. Peak Valley Active Health will conduct ergonomic assessments for individuals, small companies and large employers, which are conducted on-site and personalized. Each assessment involves taking a history for each client followed by an in-depth analysis of their regular work schedule, tasks and positions. At the completion of the assessment, recommendations will be made with respect to changing positions, changing furniture and/or other medical interventions.

If you feel that you or your staff would benefit from an ergonomic assessment or workplace health program, please contact us for more details.

Functional Movement Evaluations

It is important to train your body to perform with the best biomechanical form in order to prevent injury and perform at your highest potential.  Functional movement evaluations use a set of movements and exercises to detect and assess any abnormal biomechanics.  We are able to assess your body’s positioning and movements to identify areas that may be adversely impacting your movement and/or your sport performance. We are able to detect weak, tight, and overused muscles along with compensation patterns and kinetic chain dysfunctions. Once the evaluation is complete, we will develop a treatment and rehabilitation program to improve your biomechanical function, decrease pain, and prevent future injury.

Video analysis is a highly useful tool for assessing and observing an individual performing a specific sports skill or function. The movement will be analyzed and broken down into its fundamental components to find any biomechanical or movement dysfunctions.

Examples of Functional Movement Evaluations

General Muscle Imbalance Assessment
Walking Gait
Running Gait
Baseball Pitch & Swing
Golf Swing
Tennis Serve

Lunch N' Learns

Looking for a speaker for your next Lunch N’ Learn? If you would like to learn more about workplace ergonomics, nutrition, postural re-training, injury prevention or another health-related topic we can help! Peak Valley Active Health is available to come to your workplace to do an educational workshop on the topic of your choice, at no charge. We simply ask that you get a group of at least 5 co-workers to attend the workshop and we will take care of the rest.